Shirley Schmidt's West Coast Watercolors 

​​Art from the edge of the forest
  1. watercolor painting of a blue and green owl
    Little Owl
  2. watercolor painting of a blue and green rooster standing on one leg with its head thrown back crowing
  3. watercolor painting of four white Dogwood flowers on a bright blue background
    Framed Size: 16x20 Price: 450
  4. watercolor painting of a woman running ahead of you with an umbrella in the rain
    Caught Up In the Rain
    Framed Size: 14.5 x 27 Price: 450
  5. watercolor painting of a large windblown blue and green flower with broad petals containing ocean floor scenery inside them
    Ocean Flower
  6. watercolor painting of a bird balancing on two fronds of sedge grass
    In the Sedge Grasses
    Framed Size: 17,5x26 Price: 450
  7. watercolor painting of three birch tree trunks
    Calvin's Birch Trees
    Framed Size: 16x20 Price: 450
  8. watercolor painting of a chickadee singing
    Chickadee Chatter
    Framed Size: 20 x 20 Price: 400
  9. watercolor painting of a far off cottage tucked into a woods of leafless trees in winter
    Cottage In The Woods
    Framed Size: 17x29 Price: 450
  10. watercolor painting of six yellow chicks packed together in a line looking at another yellow chick throwing a fit
    Framed Size: 16x20 Price: 450
  11. watercolor painting of a hummingbird among redish pink flowers taking a rare rest
    Hummer's Repose
    Framed Size: 14.5x26 Price: 425
  12. watercolor painting of a bicycle with a large basket of flowers in front leaning against an old stone wall next to an arched doorway
    My Childhood Bicycle
    Framed Size: 14x18 Price: 375
  13. watercolor painting of a hero walking behind a clay pot filled with flowers
    Mischievious Heron
  14. watercolor painting of a woman in a pearl necklace with a beauty mark whose face is mostly hidded by the the large red hat with feathers in it that she is wearing
    Red Hat
    Framed Size: 20x23 Price: 450
  15. Spring Troubadour
    Spring Troubadour
    Framed Size: 16x28 Price: 450
  16. In The Winds
    In The Winds
  17. "That Was Delicious"
    "That Was Delicious"
    Framed: 29 x 31
  18. "Morning Already?"
    "Morning Already?"
    Framed: 41 x 33.5
  19. "Raining Again?"
    "Raining Again?"
    Framed: 31 x 29
  20. Garden Party
    Garden Party